Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Representative Payees Can Now File Reports Online

Social Security appoints a relative, friend, institution or other interested party to receive benefits on behalf of more than seven million people who need help managing their money. These representative payees use the benefits on the person’s behalf and have to file a report every year showing how the funds were used. Until recently, this was done by filling out a paper report form and mailing it to Social Security.

Now representative payees can submit their annual accounting reports online at www.socialsecurity.gov/payee. After signing up for a user ID and password which can be reused year after year, payees can go to the online form and enter the necessary information. The online Representative Payee Accounting Form is easy to use and takes less time than filling out and mailing a paper form.

When payees have completed the report, they can print a copy for their records. Social Security will send a confirmation message saying the report has been received.

For more information, visit our website at www.socialsecurity.gov/payee.

Any questions may be directed to: rsi5@srt.com

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